Holistic Experience

Lucille offers 1:1 sessions, workshops and retreats that will bring you to a deeply nourishing place of embodiment through the movement forms of Pilates, Yoga and Qoya; beautifully balanced with the practice of Yoga Nidra meditation, ritual and being in nature.

Lucille’s unique teaching methods combine modern, science-based movement practices with ancient wisdom practices and traditions connected to the Earth’s cycles.


Being in nature and connecting to its wisdom and life force energy to bring you into the present moment. Being with the energy of the elements of earth, fire, water and air; the changing seasons and the Celtic wisdom of the land. 


Embodied movement to connect with the intelligence of the body and the wisdom that lies within. Flowing with the breath to bridge the mind – body connection. To feel centred and strong, grounded and aligned.


We practice the art of stillness in nature and on the mat to bring us into presence; supporting our body’s natural capacity for wellbeing and healing; using somatic practices to calm and balance our nervous system.

Press pause, take a breath, and reconnect

We are holistic beings and our busy, modern world can distract us from all our wisdom and deep inner knowing.

On a retreat experience, everything that Lucille will share is from lived experience, having supported herself on her own journey of health and wellbeing over the years.




Pilates is more than just a workout; it’s a journey toward a stronger, more aligned version of yourself. Whether you’re a seasoned fitness enthusiast or just beginning your wellness journey, Pilates offers a path to strength, alignment and inner balance; improving your posture and body awareness.


As you lengthen and flow with breath and movement, the wisdom practice of  Yoga and Meditation will bring you into presence and awareness; creating alignment and connection; Body, Mind, Heart and Soul.


A blend of yoga, free movement and dance. We remember our feminine essence that is wise, wild and free. The dance is not about performing specific moves but embracing the body’s need for rhythm; exploring movement, finding a new language to communicate and heal.


We practice the art of stillness on the mat with Somatic Practices to regulate our nervous system and Yoga nidra meditation to deeply rest and restore. Forty-five minutes of this deeply restorative meditation feels like three hours of sleep as the body is led into a state of supreme relaxation.

Lucille’s qualifications



BSC (Hons) Physiotherapy, 1991


Pilates Instructor Level 3 (Body Control Pilates) – London, 2004
Pilates and Pregnancy – London 2005
Reformer level 1 – London 2010
Level 4 Matwork Instructor – London 2013
Level 3 Pilates for the Older Person – London 2013
Level 3 Pilates for Bone Health & Osteoporosis – London 2013
Healthy HIT Pilates – Belfast 2014
Pilates for Runners – London 2017
Pilates for Golfers – London 2017
Pilates for Equestrians – London 2017
PIYO (High Intensity Pilates and Yoga) – Liverpool 2017

Diploma in Yoga Teaching (Yoga Alliance 200 hours) – YTTC 2011
Mindful Resilience Enhancement – Manchester, 2014
Jivani Yoga Teacher Training (RYT 200 hours) – Belfast 2016
Yoga Nidra Meditation Facilitator:
April 2019 Karen Brody, Daring to Rest,
July 2022, Cathy French, Nature + Nidra

Initiation – Portugal 2017
Intensive 1 – Costa Rica 2018
Intensive 2 – France 2018
Intensive 3 – Greece 2019

Forest Bathing Guide
Nadur, Wellbeing in Nature – April 2022

Living with Cancer

Rehabilitative Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist, Pink Ribbon Programme – London, 2011

Cancer Rehabilitation Level 4 Specialist, The Wright Foundation – Cambridge, 2013

Rehabilitation in Cancer Care for Health Professionals
The Christie School of Oncology, 2013

Yoga for people living with Cancer (90 hours) – Glasgow 2013

Pilates in Breast Cancer Rehabilitation (BCP) – 2014

Professional Membership

MCSP (Member of Chartered Society of Physiotherapy)

HCPC (Health Care Professions Council)

BCP (Body Control Pilates)


Lucille’s Holistic Insights

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