Why I Love Pilates & The Benefits of Pilates Retreat

February 6, 2023

Why Do I Love Pilates?

Recently, I have been doing Pilates more regularly, helping me to feel more centred and strong.

I know that the embodiment of Pilates is going to help me feel more grounded and connected as we move forward into the year ahead.

Pilates focuses on the alignment of the body while moving in flow with the breath; strengthening from the centre of the body while targeting specific muscle groups.

For me, the strength and stability that comes from Pilates creates a sense of strength and stability within; feeling both lengthened and rooted, centred and strong.

It is a steady strength that creates a sense of steady strength in life with flow and connection to the embodied wisdom that lies deep within us all…..an embodied wisdom that arises from a place of alignment and ease rather than expectations and ‘shoulds’.

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Why You Will Love Our Pilates Retreats

In all of our day-long and weekend retreats, we give ourselves permission to slow down, to pause and to breathe a little deeper.

We intentionally create the time and space to slow down, reset and check in…what is needed now and how can we tend to our own life force energy so that we can be there for others?

We get curious…..what wants to Arise from this place of feeling deeply rooted and connected? How do we truly want to BE in the world? How do we want to move forward into 2023?

Our Pilates Retreat Journey

It is a constant journey of pausing, checking in, and discerning what is needed now?

What is going to leave us feeling more inspired, energised and uplifted?

By slowing down to pause and breathe, we give ourselves permission to feel ALL the feelings, increasing our capacity to BE with the difficult and uncomfortable sensations and emotions that may arise.

Discovering how our body moves through different moods, energies and seasons is the portal to connecting to our embodied wisdom so that we can authentically fuel our own life force energy to feel more energised, more healthy and free.

When we move our body we alter the hormones in our body that can make us  feel less stressed and anxious.

How Our Pilates Retreat Can Help with Stress & Anxiety

Stress and anxiety can cause exhaustion, lack of motivation, lack of enjoyment, low mood and sleep issues. It can cause us to NOT want to move our body!

So set yourself an initial goal of even 5-10 minutes per day and build up gradually. When you feel the resistance to moving your body, try to remember all the benefits of moving your body and remind yourself that you WILL feel better afterwards.

For that extra boost of serotonin, a mood lifting hormone, try to include regular movement OUTDOORS. The exposure to natural light, even if it’s cloudy outside, is vital in resetting your circadian rhythm and rebalancing your body’s hormones so that you feel ‘better’.

Movement is truly the medicine that is needed to counterbalance the sedentary lives that most of us live. In all of our retreats and workshops, we do movement to FEEL better, not to look better.

Benefits you will feel from our retreat

We move in a way that leaves us feeling energised and uplifted, not exhausted and depleted.

It is movement that suits all levels of ability and experience.

It is movement to bring you back home to your body, again and again;

remembering that everything you ever need to know truly lies within.

Through movement, you connect with your embodied wisdom and intuition to see clearly what is needed next to balance your energy…. so that you feel more energised, inspired and authentically You!

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