Lucille Cassidy

Physiotherapist and founder of Sandhill House Donegal and Studio Be Glenavy. Lucille offers a holistic well-being experience, simply and naturally, through Movement, Stillness and the lifestyle practices of being in Nature.

Lucille Cassidy

Lucille offers 1:1 sessions, classes, workshops and retreats that will bring you to a deeply nourishing place of embodiment through the movement forms of Pilates, Yoga and Qoya; beautifully balanced with the practice of Yoga Nidra meditation, ritual and being in nature.

Lucille’s unique teaching methods combine modern, science-based movement practices with ancient wisdom practices and traditions connected to the Earth’s cycles.

Helping you feel Calm, Centred & Strong

Lucille shares the 3 pillars of Movement-Stillness-Nature which flow across the experiences in both Sandhill House and Studio Be


Being in nature and connecting to its wisdom and life force energy to bring you into the present moment. Being with the energy of the elements of Earth, fire, water and air, to calm your system, to connect and inspire.

Dropping into the energy of the changing seasons around you and the Celtic wisdom of the land.


Embodied Movement to connect and empower, to move with more ease and flow, to soothe your nervous system, to feel centred and strong.

Pilates to strengthen and align,
Yoga to lengthen and flow,
Intuitive Movement to come back home to the wisdom of your body.


Rest and restore through the deeply potent practice of Yoga Nidra Meditation to reduce stress, calm your nervous system and bring you into a deep state of relaxation.

Finding Balance

Being present with all that is, while in the motion of your busy life; slowing down and returning to a state of flow, balance and ease; is the essence of Lucille Cassidy retreats and residentials.

In all of Lucille’s experiences across Sandhill House and Studio Be we practice coming back to this delicate balance of energy through the medicine of movement and the medicine of stillness; both equal and opposite and yet both deeply potent in their essence.

The practice on the mat is embodied by experiences in nature, where we can witness this natural life force energy ebb and flow with the cycles and seasons of life; returning to a sense of inner stillness and alignment while going with the flow of our busy modern lives.

client testimonials

For seven years, I had the pleasure of attending Lucille’s Pilates classes. Thanks to her supportive teaching skills, my core strength, flexibility and posture improved rapidly. An outstanding, passionate teacher whom I would recommend to anyone.

J Dean (Pilates and yoga enthusiast)

I attended Lucille’s Qoya class initially with a sense of apprehension, but left feeling incredible. Lucille is an excellent teacher, calm, clear and she makes you feel safe and supported. I leave Lucille’s classes with a real sense of clarity and positive spirit.


Attending Lucille’s Pilates classes on Monday mornings both loosened me up and woke me up for the week ahead. I consider that the breathing techniques practised in Pilates have contributed to a reduced use of inhalers for my asthma condition.


Lucille is sensitive and nurturing in her qoya classes. She created a safe space to be honest, open and authentic. I felt it relieved tension and felt liberated.

Siobhan Donnelly

Such wonderful positive classes which I found very beneficial for both my body and mind. Lucille has a lovely way with her clients, ensuring everyone is relaxed and understands what’s going on. She is such a warm and friendly tutor who is so knowledgeable on the subject of Qoya.

Jo Myles

I would recommend Lucilles classes and teaching skills/ style to anyone interested in learning Pilates and looking after themselves as a rule for life.


I had a great experience working with Lucille. She is a very skilled physiotherapist and her approach is very holistic. I felt like she really took the time to understand what was going on with me and she tailored the treatment specifically to my needs. The classes, workshops, and retreats that she offers are also very beneficial. They brought me to a deeply nourishing place and I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Grace Smile

I have had the pleasure of working with her and can attest to her wealth of knowledge and expertise. Her approach is holistic and tailored to meet the individual’s needs. The sessions are relaxing and rejuvenating- I always leave feeling refreshed and energised.

Stacy Stewart

Slow down – Pause – Breathe

Allow the wisdom of the Body to Reveal itself

Slow Down

To be present and connected,
To be supported and nourished,
To tune in to what your body really needs.


Away from the distractions of daily life; 

to Be still, to connect with yourself, 
each other and the wisdom of nature around you.


With Mind-Body connection through the Breath and Movement, still your body, calm your mind and soothe your system.


Sandhill House – Donegal

The Sandhill Experience is a personal, transformative residential experience steeped in the natural beauty of Donegal. A space also available for Venue Hire, Corporate Events and Retreats.

Studio Be – Glenavy

Our rural location, Studio Be is an inviting space for workshops and day retreats in the heart of Glenavy. A tranquil space also available for Venue Hire, Corporate Events and Retreats.



Pilates Instructor
Yoga Teacher
Yoga Nidra Facilitator
Cancer Rehabilitation
Qoya Teacher
Forest Bathing Guide

Ongoing Training

Somatic Trauma Therapy
Holistic Herbalism and Plant Medicine

Special Interest

Celtic Wheel of the Year
Shamanic Medicine
Shadow Work

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