August 23, 2022

Through conscious movement and connection with our breath, we come back home to feeling more like ourselves again. We feel stronger, more flexible and more energised. But also, through movement, we remember and connect with the deeper essence of who we are; connecting deeply with our wisdom and intuition within.

I share movement practices that help us to FEEL better rather than focusing on how we look. We move and breathe freely. We soothe our nervous system and drop into the present moment…..and so the re-set begins!

As we move and flow with our body’s natural rhythm, we deepen our relationship to our body. We become more aware of feelings, sensations and emotions (light and shadow). As we create more space to Be with what is, we gradually learn to trust the physical sensation of truth in our body.


will strengthen and align your body, improving your posture and body awareness.


will bring your attention inwards as you strengthen and lengthen with breath and flow.


is a blend of yoga, free movement and dance. It is a beautiful, fun and profoundly deep practice; helping you to embrace your wholeness and remember your essence that is Wise, Wild and Free!

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