Our Well-being Retreats in Donegal

October 4, 2022

At Lucille Cassidy Retreats, we have a range of well-being retreats ongoing throughout September in Donegal. Embarking on a retreat in Donegal is a great way to escape the stress of everyday life. As well as this, well-being retreats are an opportunity to meet like-minded souls and relax fully and deeply.

What is included in a well-being retreat?

When you visit Lucille Cassidy Retreats, there will be an extensive range of activities to participate in.


A physical, mental and spiritual practice which involves a connection between breathing and movement in an active meditation. Yoga is an excellent way to flow and lengthen, … 

Being in nature. 

At Lucille Cassidy Retreats, we offer well-being retreats in Donegal and Glenavy. As they are situated in scenic locations, Sandhill House and Studio Be also allow you to emerge yourself in nature to reconnect and restore your mind, body and soul. You are also reminded that the powerful force of nature and strength is within you. This should not be forgotten. 

Yoga Nidra meditation. 

This guided meditation allows effortless relaxation during your well-being retreat in Donegal. Unwind, and be guided by Lucille in meditation to rest, nourish and restore your mind, body, heart and soul. 


Pilates is a low-impact form of exercise that not only strengthens your muscles but also improves balance and alignment. They are also advantageous for flexibility, by grounding and strengthening us. At Lucille Cassidy Retreats, we offer pilates retreats which will encourage you to improve your overall well-being and ground you spiritually.

What are the benefits of participating in a well-being retreat?

Well-being retreats enable us to unwind and spend time with like-minded souls dedicated to improving their overall well-being. You will benefit from a healthy break when you visit a well-being retreat with Lucille Cassidy at Sandhill House. Removing yourself from everyday life stresses inspires you to become happier, healthier and at peace with yourself. 

Well-being retreats allow you to connect

At Lucille Cassidy Retreats, you are presented with an opportunity to connect. Using somatic techniques, Lucille will guide you in a reconnection with your nervous system. This will allow you to connect with the energy of the natural world, as well as your intuition and energy. In addition to this, attending a well-being retreat in Donegal gives you an opportunity to connect with like-minded souls who also want to create positive changes.

Visit us this September at Lucille Cassidy Retreats

There is a range of well-being retreats and events taking place this September at Lucille Cassidy Retreats. 

Calm Retreat – 24th September 2022 

The Calm Retreat in Glenavy is an exciting opportunity for you to relax fully and deeply as you navigate the busy nature of life. The well-being retreat will comprise a range of activities including pilates, yoga and yoga Nidra meditation. 

Studio Be is immersed in nature. We can learn so much from the natural world around us, with inspiration from the beautiful elements of earth, fire, water and air. 

Sandhill House, Donegal

You are also welcomed to Sandhill House in Donegal this September where a range of activities and retreats are taking place: 

  • Yoga 
  • Pilates 
  • Menopause retreats 
  • Life Coaching

Get in touch with us today to find out more and begin your well-being retreat journey in Donegal.  

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