Let’s talk about overwhelm!

March 3, 2023

Anyone else feel overwhelmed?

For me personally, there has been varying degrees of overwhelm lingering in my system for quite some time.

I think overwhelm is a word and sensation that we can all relate to because, in many ways, it has become an accepted “norm” in  our modern day life.

With so many of us feeling overwhelmed, it becomes more of a challenge to break the cycle of constant busyness and ‘doing’.  Our modern culture does not honour the values of slowing down, stillness, rest and living more in tune with the cycles and seasons of  life. 

Personally, I find there is a certain level of  ‘safety’ in over-activity and busyness. The busyness can be a distraction from pain and discomfort…..physically, mentally and emotionally. However, the numbing effect of being constantly busy is usually only a temporary fix. Our body very quickly begins to let us know that we are out of balance through physical ailments, stress, anxiety and, if left unchecked, burnout and breakdown.

Unfortunately, how much we accomplish, produce, and achieve can be equated to our self esteem and self worth….which further fuels the need to ‘keep up’ in life.

The feeling of overwhelm disconnects us. It is a distracting feeling within which leaves us feeling like we are ‘always behind’, like there is never enough time to get everything done.

Overwhelm hinders our capacity to make choices that truly align with our pace, rhythm and the seasons of life. Overwhelm weakens our ability to live in harmony with our passion and purpose. 

For many of us, it does not feel ‘safe’ at the level of our nervous system to slow down, to pause and to rest because the experience of stress,  anxiety and overwhelm all  feel so familiar! Familiar feels safe! 

Dealing With Overwhelm

In all my workshops and retreats, we give ourselves permission to slow down, to pause, to allow  a deep, nourishing exhale for our nervous system. 

Through movement and connection with the breath we regulate our nervous system into a more relaxed state of being.

As we go on a somatic journey to tap into deep stillness, we regenerate our energy. 

As we rest more easily into stillness, we can then tune in and  deeply listen to our body, to ALL the sensations and feelings that are present. From this place of deep connection, we can then discern what is needed to bring more pleasure, balance and ease to our system at that moment.

We offer moments of relaxation, connection, joy and expansion as we move slowly and settle into rest. 

For our Nervous System, moving slowly feels safe. Stillness feels safe. Joy and connection feel safe.

We honour that we are human beings with busy lives. We discover ways to  return to a slower pace so that we can lead our lives from a more grounded presence with intentional direction…. without stress, anxiety and overwhelm. 

When I allow myself to slow down…

  • into intentional movement, 
  • Into the breath, 
  • And into stillness,

I remember that I am more than the thoughts swirling round in my head,  I remember that I am more than my stress, my anxiety and my overwhelm,

I remember  my strength,

I remember my resilience,

and I remember my joy ????

So my invitation is to get curious.

What feels safer to your Nervous System?

  • Struggle or ease?
  • Self criticism or Self-compassion?
  • Productivity or play?
  • Control or surrender?

Place your Hand on Heart,

Slow breaths in, Deep sighs out, And remind yourself with these mantras

‘It is safe for me to relax’

‘It is safe for me to rest’

‘It is safe for me to slow down, to pause, and let go’

Slowly and gently rewiring your Nervous system into a more settled and calm state so that stress , anxiety and overwhelm are no longer the norm????

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