Studio Be Day Retreat 4th March

This relaxing and restorative day retreat will take you on a journey back home to the wisdom of your body as you rest and reset through the medicine of movement, the magic of stillness and connection in nature.

Your time and energy are precious but taking time out for yourself creates space for you to reset; to come back to center and connect with an inner sense of strength, presence, and calm.

Replenish and restore through the movement practices of Pilates, Yoga and somatic awareness. Relieve stress and restore your energy with restorative Yoga Nidra Meditation.

Come join me on this special day retreat, where the collective energy of amazing women together will create an experience full of empowerment and connection……remembering and reclaiming our wholeness and strength.

Studio Be Day Retreat 4th March

Date: 4th March 2023
  • Time: 10 – 4pm
  • Price £75

To book your one day retreat at Studio Be

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Cancellation Policy: Your booking may be cancelled no later than 48 hours before the start time. Cancellations within 48 hours are non-refundable and non-transferable.