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Wild spirit of Donegal home to Glenavy.

With the help of family, we created Studio Be, a welcoming space offering both indoor and outdoor facilities in a beautiful rural setting, just 25 minutes from Belfast. At Studio Be, you are invited to Be nourished back to your natural, healthy and connected state of Being.

Inspired by the powerful elements of Earth, Water, Fire and Air, we have created a haven of peace and tranquillity, nestled in an idyllic rural setting. Through breath work and movement, come back home to your body and allow your nervous system to unravel and settle. Through ritual and stillness, connect with your innate wisdom and intuition.

Breathe. Move. Connect.

Using somatic techniques to regulate your nervous system, along with nature-based practices, Lucille will invite you to embody a sense of safety and connection within your Body. Connecting with the energy of the natural world, Lucille will guide you to Be present in the moment, to calm your nervous system and balance your energy.

Slow down and Reconnect

When we slow down, it is easier to connect with the intuitive wisdom of our body. As we listen to the innate intelligence of our body, we can reclaim our power to choose what will be supportive and regenerative for our health and wellbeing in that moment.

Potent practices and supportive workshops 

Calm your nervous system, build strength and resilience, and create positive changes for your health and wellbeing.

Discover how to be present with the busyness of your life, while having the awareness of how to use breath and movement to calm your body and bring clarity to your mind. 

You can navigate your days and ride the waves, knowing how to return to a sense of balance, flow and ease.

You can motivate yourself to take action, without anxiety and burnout.

You can turn to rest and ease without collapse and overwhelm.

Lucille’s unique teaching methods combine modern, science-based movement practices, with ancient wisdom practices and traditions connected to the Earth’s cycles.

The studio sits at the very heart of our retreat.

Finished in calming muted earth tones and completed with a warm, wooden floor with underfloor heating, our studio offers the ultimate comforting space for indoor classes. There is an adjacent room for gatherings and meetings, with easy access to toilet facilities and a small kitchen.

More at studio be

The Plateau

The Plateau is an enclosed outdoor area offering womb-like security and seclusion.

The Fire Lodge

The Fire Lodge is an intimate space to gather around the fire and swap stories and insights.

The fire garden

The Fire Garden, our outdoor seating area, is where you can let all your senses soak in the panorama of the surrounding countryside.

The water feature

The water feature is your next elemental encounter, generating a soothing natural soundtrack to wash away any stress and tension.

The labyrinth

The labyrinth symbolically represents Earth. It provides a portal for self-reflection and a journey of connection to your inner wisdom and intuition.

A Typical workshop with lucille 

Pilates: to ground and strengthen

Yoga: to lengthen and flow

Qoya: to embody our inner wisdom and intuition

Yoga Nidra: will complete the practice; a deep restful meditation to nourish and restore the body, mind, heart and soul.

Mind-body Connection:Using movement and breath work to help us to respond to the ebb and flow of life; By deepening our connection to self, our thoughts and our emotions.

  • Strengthen and help manage pain (BODY)

  • Ease stress and anxiety (MIND)

  • Soothe your emotions (HEART)

  • Balance your energy (SOUL)

RELEASE heavy energy that is keeping you stuck and holding you back.

RECLAIM your sense of agency and power as you connect and align with your own natural rhythm.

RESTORE your resilience as you ground and strengthen your body.

Frequently asked questions


Everyone is welcome. No previous experience is necessary. Our movement is about moving in a way that feels suitable for each person in their own body. I will always give alternatives if something feels too challenging.


Please bring outdoor wear for being in nature. I recommend bringing some waterproof gear with you in case it’s needed and suitable shoes for walking.
Please bring loose clothing that you feel comfortable moving in, extra layers for warmth, a water bottle that you can refill, and a journal/pen. We move in bare feet in the studio space.

What if I have pain or previous injury?

Please do inform me of any injuries or ongoing pain issues. It is important to remember that you are in charge of your practice and well-being. Never force yourself to do something uncomfortable; modify and take breaks as you need.


Yes we can, please can you let us know your severe food allergy upon booking.

Is there Parking at studio be?

There is ample parking at Studio Be.

*The google maps link takes you to the correct road (Tullynewbank Road), 

But not the exact location.

Look out for the Studio Be sign.

*We are down the laneway between No.68 and No.68A (Summerhill House)

Follow the signs for where to go and for parking.

client testimonials

The Qoya class, so gorgeous and liberating!

I was blown away! I felt connected to myself, my femininity, my beauty and strength in a way no other practice has done. It felts like a firect line to myself.

Ruth M

It was my first time practising Qoya. I really found the movement & dance beneficial for helping to release emotions. It also gave me a sense of confidence to be true to myself and comfortable in my own skin. Qoya was a unigue way of expressing oneself.

Lorraine G

For so many years my life has been contained inside my head. To connect my thoughts and feeling physically to my body has been transformative. I feel like i’m learning to inhabit my whole body again for the first time and that is bringing so much balance back into my life. It feels hugely empowering and it is also bringing me so much peace.


Having lived with daily chronic pain for 30 years my body had forgotten how to move for fear of more pain. Sanctuary began to change me from day one as Lucille eased us through the phases of Rest, Release, Restore, and Rise over the four week programme. I had been so scared to move for so long, and I thought my body had forgotten how. But under the gentle guidence of Lucille my body remembered how – not just how to move but also that there is joy in movement.


I love how you guide us through a journey of conencting with out deepest selves. You do it in a way that is so gentle and sensitive, I loved it!

Michelle L.

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