Venue Hire At Studio Be Glenavy

Hire for health, wellbeing & corporate events.

We are perfectly equipped to help you host corporate events and strategy sessions. It could be the perfect experiential get away for your team and clients. The possibilities are endless!

Hire options

If you are interested in hiring Studio Be for the purpose of hosting your own event, please feel free to contact Lucille for further details. she can provide pricing, availability and assistance regarding event organisation

There are 3 options for venue hire:


  • The whole venue

  • Studio Time

  • Meeting room only

Discover studio be

The Plateau

The Plateau is an enclosed outdoor area offering womb-like security and seclusion.

The Fire Lodge

The Fire Lodge is an intimate space to gather around the fire and swap stories and insights.

The fire garden

The Fire Garden, our outdoor seating area, is where you can let all your senses soak in the panorama of the surrounding countryside.

The water feature

The water feature is your next elemental encounter, generating a soothing natural soundtrack to wash away any stress and tension.

The labyrinth

The labyrinth symbolically represents Earth. It provides a portal for self-reflection and a journey of connection to your inner wisdom and intuition.

client testimonials

The Qoya class, so gorgeous and liberating!

I was blown away! I felt connected to myself, my femininity, my beauty and strength in a way no other practice has done. It felts like a firect line to myself.

Ruth M

It was my first time practising Qoya. I really found the movement & dance beneficial for helping to release emotions. It also gave me a sense of confidence to be true to myself and comfortable in my own skin. Qoya was a unigue way of expressing oneself.

Lorraine G

For so many years my life has been contained inside my head. To connect my thoughts and feeling physically to my body has been transformative. I feel like i'm learning to inhabit my whole body again for the first time and that is bringing so much balance back into my life. It feels hugely empowering and it is also bringing me so much peace.


Having lived with daily chronic pain for 30 years my body had forgotten how to move for fear of more pain. Sanctuary began to change me from day one as Lucille eased us through the phases of Rest, Release, Restore, and Rise over the four week programme. I had been so scared to move for so long, and I thought my body had forgotten how. But under the gentle guidence of Lucille my body remembered how - not just how to move but also that there is joy in movement.


I love how you guide us through a journey of conencting with out deepest selves. You do it in a way that is so gentle and sensitive, I loved it!

Michelle L.

Studio Be was the calming and serene space that we needed to host our team, with great facilities and picturesque views.

Jane @ recentreltd

 could feel the energy of this place calling me before I even knew where it was. It felt sacred so as soon as I did one event I booked for the rest of the year. The time, effort and energy that Lucille has invested is second to none and I am eternally grateful that she intuitively felt the call to create this special place

Leigh Telford

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