A typical day retreat at Studio Be Glenavy

February 20, 2023

Although each day Retreat has a very different theme and energy, there is a similar process and structure each time.

First Half Of The Day

The first half of the day is all about releasing, surrendering and letting go.

We anchor and ground our energy through a strengthening Pilates practice.

We embody the flow of our energy with a flowing yoga practice.

We spend time in nature in stillness and meditation, doing breath work and being inspired by the energy of nature all around us.

From this place of feeling deeply rooted and grounded, we then do our fire ritual to symbolically let go of that which is no longer serving us. We reflect and journal on what we want to let go of and then write a few words on a piece of paper. We then throw that piece of paper into the fire with the deepest intention of letting it go.


Lunch is a feast of nourishing and nutritious healthy food and treats made by ‘Phil the chef’ ???? (my hubby) which leave you feeling nourished and energised for the afternoon ahead. After a spacious lunch with time to connect and indulge in nourishing conversations, we take part in our Labyrinth ritual.

The symbolism of the labyrinth is the spiral that represents the ever-changing energy in all aspects of our lives. It is a reminder that nothing ever stays the same and that we need to let go of the old before we can truly embrace the new. As we walk the Labyrinth and spiral into the depths of the centre, we embrace that which we need to let go of. As we walk out of the labyrinth, having symbolically left it all in the centre, we create space for new energy and inspiration to arise, a ‘remembering’ of our innate wisdom that will guide us forward with more ease and flow in our lives.

The magic of these rituals is that it allows us to drop out of our logical thinking mind and into our subconscious where we connect with our intuition more clearly, gain clarity and focus. We connect more deeply with ourselves again and remember the innate wisdom that lies within the cells of our body in the depths of our being.

The second half of the day

The second half of the day is all about connecting with the inspiration and wisdom that arises  from within so that we leave at the end of the day feeling uplifted and inspired with clarity and focus. We do a beautiful embodied feminine movement practice of free movement, yoga and dance. Feeling deeply embodied in our feminine wisdom, we then begin to integrate the day with a deeply healing and restorative Yoga Nidra Meditation. This is a sleep based meditation where we create our ‘rest nest’ of cushions and blankets to rest and surrender in complete comfort.

From this place of quiet and inward energy, we then do a reflective journaling practice to bring more clarity and focus to our awareness.

All the practices and rituals that we do in our Day Retreats are with the intention of:

  • bringing us back into present moment awareness, 
  • soothing and calming our nervous system, 
  • expanding our capacity to be with the light and shadow of our reality,  
  • connecting with our embodied wisdom,
  • and bringing us back home to an embodied sense of wholeness, authenticity and connection.

The collective energy of amazing women together in this process creates a day full of empowerment and connection;

Through the medicine of movement and the magic of stillness, remembering and reclaiming our wholeness and strength.

It is such an honour for me to hold space for these deeply transformative days, truly filling my own cup in the process ????

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